This Australian Cooking Oil that’s 10x More Powerful than Fish Oil could…

Restore Your Joints, Memory, and Even Your Fat‑Burning Metabolism…

Not to mention, starting your morning with a spoonful of this oil also fights inflammation in order to…

Rejuvenate your aging skin

Clear your blurry vision

Aid your heart health, and…

Pump you full of ‘good mood energy’ each morning.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s exactly what the medical establishment promised that Fish Oil and other Omega‑3 Supplements would do!

After all, the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine recently reported that…

Low Omega‑3 Levels Cause Even More Serious Problems Than We Thought:1

If you have low Omega‑3 levels in the morning, it triggers problems all day:
Stiff & aching joints

Pain in your fingers, back, hips, or knees, so it’s a monumental task just to get out of the house, or to do simple tasks like holding a pen, or even changing the channel on the remote…

Embarrassing mental slips

Like getting sidetracked when telling a story, or forgetting why you walked into a room, or feeling like technology is leaving you

A slow metabolism

That gathers fat around your belly, butt, and thighs, and then refuses to lose it no matter how healthy you eat or how much exhausting exercise you do.

If you want day-to-day relief, you MUST raise your Omega‑3 levels.

So you’d think that Omega‑3 supplements like Fish Oil would help…

…But They DON’T.

How many people do you know who’ve tried Fish Oil or other Omega‑3s?

How many of them actually got rid of their joint pain?

How many fixed their mind and memory troubles?

How many easily lost their belly fat?

Do you know anybody at all who saw those amazing results from Omega‑3s?

Or did THIS happen:

They went right on suffering from stiff and aching joints, declining brainpower, and ballooning belly fat.

Not to mention, unchecked inflammation and failing vision, fading hearing, dryer and older skin, and a weaker immune system.

That’s what most of my patients used to experience when they tried Fish Oil or other Omega‑3 supplements.

I’m guessing it’s what you saw, or what your friends and family saw, if you ever listened to the medical establishment and tried Omega‑3 supplements.

Well, you’re not crazy.

The science proves what you’ve already noticed:

Plain Omega‑3 supplements are NOT delivering on their promises…

Medical studies performed everywhere from Indiana University2 to the Institute of Clinical Physiology3 in Italy have found the same disturbing results:

Omega‑3 Supplements like Fish Oil are almost useless when it comes to raising your internal Omega‑3 levels.

They simply are NOT powerful enough to help with problems like inflammation, joint pain, brain health, and belly fat. (I’ll show you those specific medical studies in a moment.)

It all demands this angry question:

if low Omega‑3 levels trigger these daily pains and frustrations even worse than we imagined, then…

How come Omega‑3 Supplements like Fish Oil don’t actually offer relief?

My name is Dr. Ryan Shelton, and I devoted several years of my life to researching this problem.

A few months ago, I finally discovered the answer, and it’s simpler than you might think:

Omega‑3 Supplements by themselves can’t help.

Because they’re missing a key element that unlocks their power to raise your internal levels of Omega‑3s, and relieve joint aches, memory slips, and belly fat.

Here’s what I mean:

That Indiana University research contained a bombshell discovery:

Omega‑3s ONLY get real results when paired with their Companion Nutrient.”2

Taking Omega‑3s without their Companion Nutrient is like baking bread without yeast. It’s impossible to get the results you want with only part of the recipe.

Where can you find this Companion Nutrient that the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says “improves energy balance, body fat, and cognitive function?”4


This miraculous supernutrient that ACTUALLY delivers on the promises made about Omega‑3s is found inside…

This Australian Cooking Oil.

Aussies use this oil for everything from baking, to grilling, to frying.

Maybe that explains why, compared to the U.S., Australia has lower rates of heart disease, less obesity, and higher rates of general life satisfaction.5

Australians are simply happier and healthier than Americans, and the answer might be as simple as this Cooking Oil…

That’s been found to be 10x more effective than Fish Oil or other plain Omega‑3 supplements for protecting your joints, mind, and metabolism.

I’ll tell you all about this Cooking Oil in just a moment, after I answer the other infuriating question bubbling at the back of your mind…

“Why is the health industry pushing Fish Oil and Omega‑3s when they help virtually NO ONE?”

After all, Fish Oil is the most popular dietary supplement in the country. Over 18 million American men and women take Fish Oil.

That’s nearly 1 out of 10 adults over 40. And that’s not even counting other Omega‑3 supplements, or foods artificially fortified by Omega‑3s.

Omega‑3s are EVERYWHERE, and almost NO ONE sees any noticeable benefit!

WHY does the health industry insist on shoving this down our throats?”

Especially when the real answer is so simple… Omega‑3’s ‘Companion Nutrient,’ found in this Australian Cooking Oil.

The reason the health industry pushes weak Fish Oil supplements on you is just as scummy as you might think…

The health industry can manufacture a bottle of Fish Oil pills for less than 50 cents…

…And then turn it around and sell it to you for $10-$20.

And as long as everyone keeps believing that Fish Oil and Omega‑3s are a ‘miracle cure,’ they don’t even have to advertise!

It’s pure profit.

They spend 50 cents to make $20.

While YOU swallow expensive fishy-tasting capsules, hoping for relief from your joint problems, mental decline, or belly fat.

But you never get that relief…

Since Fish Oil and Omega‑3s are a scam, you’re stuck dealing with…

Stiff and aching joints

Mental and memory decline

Belly fat and slow metabolism

Aging and drying skin and hair

Weak immune system

Low energy and poor mood

All because they’ve scammed you and me into relying on Omega‑3 supplements alone, when Indiana University found that Omega‑3s need their Companion Nutrient to give you real results.5

And scientists in Malaysia tested and proved the same thing.6

The hopeful truth is…

The Companion Nutrient inside this Australian Cooking Oil actually gives you the results the health industry promises for Omega‑3s.

Here's what a few people who've already tried this Companion Nutrient are saying:

Stories like that are why I’m so excited to share this Australian Cooking Oil with YOU.

Because I’ve seen what the ‘Companion Nutrient’ it contains has done for other men and women, so I know what you’ve got to look forward to…

All those aches and ‘brain farts’ that your doctor claims are ‘just part of getting older’… this solution helps with each and every one of them.

Here's what a few people who've already tried this Companion Nutrient are saying:

Robert Reitman, said:
Anthony Campbell, said:
Brooke Santiago, said:
And Kayla Brannon, said:
So stick with me for just a few minutes, and I’ll show you…

The infuriating scientific proof behind why Fish Oil and Omega‑3s are a SCAM!

The ‘Companion Nutrient’ to Omega‑3 that unlocks the healing powers you’ll notice within days!

Where to find this Australian Cooking Oil in your own neighborhood grocery store, and how to start using it to feel the benefits you never saw from Omega‑3s, like joint relief, stronger mental power, and easy fat loss!

In just a few minutes from now, you’ll know the one secret that over 18 million American men and women need so desperately.

You’ll know the one missing ingredient – inside this Australian Cooking Oil – that could help them reach the results from Omega‑3s that they’ve been promised.

And the reason I’m telling you this, is that helping regular folks like you find REAL natural solutions to their concerns is my life’s passion.

As I mentioned…

My name is Dr. Ryan Shelton.

My family and I recently moved back to Illinois, to the beautiful heartland of America that we call home.

I’m a licensed primary care physician, where I’ve guided hundreds of one-on-one patients to their health goals.

On top of that, my research and best-selling books have helped literally hundreds of thousands of men and women over 40.

I’ve dedicated my medical career to 2 things:
Uncovering the next natural breakthrough in human health,
And personalizing those breakthroughs to help rescue their health and boost their overall happiness.

So you won’t be surprised to hear that the news about Fish Oil being a scam caught my attention.

After all, many of my patients and friends have tried various Omega‑3 supplements.

But of course we didn’t yet know about the Omega‑3 Companion Nutrient, so they never saw any results.

And they never raised their internal Omega‑3 levels.

Which is terrible news.

Because new research from the medical journal Nutrients shows that…

Over 93% of Americans Over 40 Have Some Level of Omega‑3 Deficiency.7

And research from University of Cincinnati Medical Center found that if your Omega‑3 levels are low in the morning, you can bet that all day long you’ll suffer problems like…8

Aggravating joint discomfort that lingers for days until you’re afraid the pain will haunt you the rest of your life

Embarrassing ‘Senior Moments” where you forget the names of people you’ve just met, forget where you left your keys, can’t find words in the middle of a sentence, or can’t remember important details when telling stories

Declining vision that makes you struggle to see recipes or the screen on your phone, or that makes you squint to read road signs or recognize faces from far away

A weak immune system that practically guarantees you’ll catch any bug that’s going around, and makes you worry about the future and what serious illnesses might be waiting to rear their ugly heads

Stubborn belly fat that makes your pants feel tight and makes you pack on the pounds even when you try to eat healthy

But remember, even though low Omega‑3 levels trigger these day-to-day problems… taking Omega‑3 supplements like Fish Oil does almost nothing to help!

You’ve seen how useless those supplements are when you or your friends or family have tried them…

And now scientific research proves what you’ve already noticed.

It all revolves around one central problem:

Omega‑3 supplements are ALMOST exactly what you need to support joint health, a sharp mind and memory, and a fat-burning metabolism…

But Almost Isn’t Good Enough.

Sometimes, ALMOST can even be dangerous.
The United States National Library of Medicine recommends AGAINST taking Omega‑3 Fish Oil by itself.6
Why? Because…

Oregon State University reported that improper dosage of Fish Oils could lead to a weakened immune system, leaving you vulnerable to dangerous bacteria and viruses.9

The Journal of Nutrition Research reported that improper dosage of Omega‑3 supplements increased the risk of strokes.10

The American Heart Association warned that Fish Oils taken by themselves can devastate your digestive tract with stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, and acid reflux and heartburn.

Even if you never notice those problems, it’s causing unseen damage to your vulnerable cells in your digestive system.11

The Johns Hopkins School of Public Health found that Omega‑3s from Fish Oil INCREASED your risk for Type 2 diabetes by raising your blood sugar.

But when they gave people Omega‑3s from this Australian cooking oil, it supported healthy blood sugar and LOWERED their risk of diabetes.12

(Hint: it’s because the Australian cooking oil contains Omega‑3s’ “partner nutrients.” More on that in a minute.)

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition tested whether Omega‑3 supplements by themselves helped with weight loss.

They found zero results… despite what mainstream medicine has promised over and over about Omega‑3 supplements helping boost your metabolism.13

Why the difference?

Why are doctors and research universities NOW starting to warn about taking Omega‑3 supplements by themselves?

Because they finally understand that the promises of Fish Oil and Omega‑3 supplements are a SCAM… since Omega‑3s are only PART of a complete health solution.

I’ve said that several times now, that Omega‑3s are practically useless – and sometimes dangerous – by themselves.

So let me explain exactly what I mean.
Omega‑3s offer life-changing, relieving benefits like brain, joint, and fat-loss support… but ONLY when paired together with their “Companion Nutrient.”

Imagine you wanted to bake a loaf of bread.

You go to the store, and ask for the ingredients. They plop a bag of flour down on the counter, hand you some salt, and say, “Here’s what you need to make bread. Enjoy!”

Wait a second!

You want to bake bread. Flour and salt are essential… but they’re not enough.

You need yeast.

The other ingredients are almost useless without yeast!

That’s what’s happening when health professionals tell you to take Omega‑3s.

Instead of homemade bread, you’re asking for a healthier mind, or pain-free joints, or faster fat loss. Maybe more vibrant skin or an iron-clad immune system.

You tell the health industry what you want, and they slap a bottle of Omega‑3 down on the counter and tell you, “Here’s what you need.”

But it’s like they gave you flour and salt… WITHOUT yeast.

It’s practically useless.

Now, just like flour and salt CAN give you delicious homemade bread…

Omega‑3s CAN give you a healthier mind, flexible joints, or a flatter belly. They CAN even help with your skin and hair health, and help fortify your immune system.

But just like you NEED yeast to complete flour & salt to make bread…

You NEED the ‘Companion Nutrient’ to complete Omega‑3 to get relief from day-to-day pains and frustrations.

You NEED the “Companion Nutrient” to actually solve the problem of Omega‑3 Deficiency, and all the daily problems it causes – like declining vision, stiff joints, and memory slips.

There are some stunning medical discoveries that explain scientifically how Omega‑3 and its Companion Nutrient work together, which I’ll show you in just a few seconds.

The studies all tested the Companion Nutrient’s effect on men and women over 40…

So I think it’s time I revealed to you exactly what this Companion Nutrient actually is.

Remember the Australian Cooking Oil that I mentioned?

Well, it contains this Companion Nutrient, and so it’s the “missing key” that’s standing between you and all the benefits of Omega‑3s you’ve been promised but never received.

I mentioned just a moment ago that Johns Hopkins University discovered that taking Omega‑3s was actually linked to a HIGHER risk of diabetes…

But when they gave patients Omega‑3s along with its Companion Nutrient, their risk of diabetes instead DROPPED by more than half!12

Now, blood sugar and diabetes is a unique case.

For most health issues, Omega‑3 supplements by themselves won’t actually hurt you… they just won’t help like promised.

Because they’re only PART of the equation.

For example…

The health industry promises that Omega‑3s will help with your immune system & healing functions.

And they do technically play an essential role in those functions:

Scientists in Malaysia found that Omega‑3s supported the early stages of healing functions. For example, when you cut yourself, Omega‑3s help your body quickly respond, assess the situation, and make sure the damage doesn’t spread.6

Great! That’s an essential part of healing.

But we want to do more than just stop the cut from getting worse. We want to heal it!

Those same scientists also tested Omega‑3’s Companion Nutrient on your healing functions.

They found this Companion Nutrient – found inside that Australian Cooking Oil I mentioned – also boosts your healing functions.

But where Omega‑3s help at the beginning of the healing process… the Companion Nutrient helps further down the road: it helps regrow new tissue to repair the damage.

Omega‑3s do part of the job, and their Companion Nutrient does the rest.

And it’s the same with EVERY benefit promised by Omega‑3s.

Here’s what I mean…

If you worry about your belly fat, you should know that doctors at Texas Tech University found that Omega‑3s boost your metabolism, so you burn fat faster.14

Wait a minute… didn’t we just see a study that showed that Omega‑3s alone did NOT help fat-loss?

We did. Although the Texas Tech patients had faster metabolisms, they still didn’t lose weight.

Why? Because the faster their metabolisms burned, the faster they got hungry again.

But Japanese scientists discovered that the Omega‑3 Companion Nutrient helps Omega‑3s boost your metabolism…
AND it increases a hormone in your body called CCK.15

That’s the hormone that tells your brain that you’re full.

Your brain can’t actually sense that your stomach is full – it just senses a messenger hormone that says “no more food, I’m good.”

Boosting your metabolism WITHOUT boosting this hormone will only make you crave even more food. You’ll stay exactly the same!

But when you use both Omega‑3s and their Companion Nutrient, then you’ll speed up your fat-burning engine, AND feel less hungry.

And THAT’S when you’ll see that belly fat disappear.

Is it getting clearer how Omega‑3s and their Companion Nutrient work together?

How about another example…

The Medical Establishment Promises that Omega‑3s Support Joint Health.

Again, only half true.

The Global Journal of Health Science reported that Omega‑3s helped support a healthy, non‑inflamed state in joints.

This led to decreased pain for patients, but didn’t do much for flexibility or cartilage repair.16

Scientists in the Netherlands discovered that Omega‑3’s Companion Nutrient actually protected joint cartilage against damage, and repaired previous damage.

That led to almost a complete reduction of pain, along with restored flexibility and mobility.17

It’s only when Omega‑3s are combined with their Companion Nutrient that we see real results.

Just like with brain and memory health.

Studies show that Omega‑3s support a non-inflamed state in the brain’s blood vessels. This healthier state is linked to quicker problem solving and easier learning. It’s also linked to a lower risk of dementia.18

Which is great, but you have more worries than just how quickly you can learn a new skill, don’t you?

And you’re not just worried about the worst-case-scenario like dementia.

You’ve also got day-to-day frustrations, like forgetting names and faces, or why you walked into a room. It’s embarrassing!

Knowing you have less risk for dementia doesn’t really solve those immediate problems, does it?

That’s where Omega‑3’s Companion Nutrient steps in. Where Omega‑3s fights inflammation, the Companion Nutrient opens nerve pathways inside the brain, especially in your brain’s memory center.

In one study, patients who took the Companion Nutrient increased their memory power.19

That’s folks who were young and perfectly healthy who just wanted an extra-sharp memory… and it’s folks over 40 who were starting to worry about their memory slipping. This Companion Nutrient boosts your memory whoever you are.

So where Omega‑3s by themselves fight inflammation to help you think more quickly and resist serious diseases…

…their Companion Nutrient opens nerve pathways in your memory center to boost and protect your memory.

It’s only when you have both Omega‑3s and their Companion Nutrient that you really feel the complete mental boost you deserve.

I’ll be honest with you, I could go on with these examples all day.

Omega‑3s help your skin and hair stay hydrated,20 while the Companion Nutrient helps them stay flexible and young.21

Omega‑3s support healthy blood pressure,22 while the Companion Nutrient helps support overall heart health.23

Omega‑3s help support near- and far-distance vision,24 while the Companion Nutrient supports low-light and nighttime vision.25

Omega‑3s support your energy levels,26 while the Companion Nutrient boosts levels of GABA, the “joy” brain chemical, combining to give you “good mood energy.”27

What I’m saying is…

All the promises you’ve heard about the amazing benefits of Omega‑3s are true…

If and only if you pair Omega‑3s with their Companion Nutrient.

So what is this Companion Nutrient I’ve been telling you about?

And where can you get it?

Like I said, it’s found inside a Cooking Oil that’s popular in Australia:

Macadamia Nut Oil

It’s used just like you use any cooking oil – for baking, sautéing, grilling, or frying.

Most importantly…

Macadamia Nut Oil contains the Companion Nutrient to Omega‑3.

Actually, the ‘Companion Nutrient’ I’ve been telling you about is technically a precise ratio of two nutrients:

Omega‑7 and Omega‑9.

But not just any Omega‑7 or Omega‑9.

It’s only the precise ratio found inside Macadamia Nut Oil that helps Omega‑3s deliver the relief you’ve been promised.

So any old source of Omega‑7 or Omega‑9 isn’t going to cut it. It’s got to be this precise ratio, like you find in Macadamia Nut Oil.

Remember, just moments ago I showed you the studies on how these Companion Nutrients – Omega‑7 and Omega‑9 – help Omega‑3 boost your immune system, melt belly fat, support joint health, strengthen your memory, give you healthier skin, and even fortify your vision.

You just saw how…

Top doctors from all over the world, representing the best hospitals and universities, and publishing their research in the most prestigious medical journals…

All reported how Omega‑3s are only PART of the total solution.

But when you combine Omega‑3s with this precise ratio of Omega‑7 and Omega‑9, together they become a powerhouse supernutrient…

…That actually delivers on the relief from joint pain, memory slips, and belly fat that you’ve been promised about Omega‑3s.

Your doctor has probably called those type of problems “side effects of aging.”

As if turning 40 guarantees you have to suffer achy joints, or gain weight, or have a terrible memory.

That’s why the Omega‑3 Scam made me FURIOUS.

I hate thinking about the millions of American men and women, overwhelmed and desperate because of their so-called ‘aging symptoms,’ tricked into relying on Fish Oil supplements that DON’T WORK.

And I hate even more knowing that these good folks spend a BILLION dollars each year on Fish Oil supplements alone.

That’s not even counting other Omega‑3 supplements, or Omega‑3-fortified foods.

We’ve wasted BILLIONS of our hard‑earned dollars, and for what?

All because the health industry lies about Omega‑3s, because Fish Oil Omega‑3s are cheap to produce and make a big profit.

They don’t care that the REAL solution requires the COMPLETE Companion Nutrients: Omega‑3s along with Omega‑7s and Omega‑9s.

They don’t care, because Omega‑7s and Omega‑9s cost more to produce.

Especially if the company is actually committed to delivering the precise ratios of these nutrients that will get the strongest results.

The mainstream health industry sells you Fish Oil supplements that they know won’t work…

All to make a few extra dollars.

Let me tell you, once I saw the research for myself, I was fed up.

My friends will tell you, when I’m fed up with something, I don’t just sit around and stew… I fix it.

In the case of Omega‑3s, I feel like God prepared me to solve this problem.

After all, not only do I work one-on-one with patients in my private practice, but…

I’m also the Medical Director for Zenith Labs®.

I work with a team of doctors, nurses, scientists, researchers, and pharmacists to find natural solutions to frustrating health issues.

Our research and powerful supplements have helped hundreds of thousands of men and women shrink their belly fat, restore fading vision or hearing, fortify their blood sugar, fight the side effects of aging, and so much more.

Usually, when my team is ready to formulate a new natural supplement, it’s because we’ve decided to tackle another health problem.

For example, recently we noticed that many of our customers struggle with insomnia, so right now we’re working on a supplement that supports deeper, more refreshing sleep.

The Omega‑3 problem was different.

It wasn’t just that our customers needed help with a health issue.

It was that our customers, my patients, and men and women all over the world… were being duped and swindled into believing the Fish Oil Scam.

We decided to step in…

People deserve to know the truth: Omega‑3s NEED their Companion Nutrients to be effective.

That’s why I created this website to warn you.
Of course, I’m not satisfied just warning you.
I want to actually supply you with the solution to your problem.

So here at Zenith Labs®, we formulated an Omega‑3 supplement that actually delivers on the promises…

Because it contains Omega‑3 and its Companion Nutrients, Omega‑7 and Omega‑9.

It’s called…

Omega 3·7·9 + Krill®

(I’ll explain the ‘Krill’ part in a moment.)

It’s the best way to get the benefits of Omega‑3s that the health industry has been promising for years:

Regain joint flexibility in your fingers, back, and knees, so you regain the freedom to get out and travel, or stay in and cross-stitch or tinker in your garage – all pain‑free!
Remember people’s names and faces without ‘deer in the headlight’ moments…
Look in the mirror and see your belly and ‘double chin’ get smaller and smaller each week…
Enjoy healthier, more vibrant skin, nails, and hair that make you look and feel younger and more attractive
Be protected by a fortified immune system.

The formula of Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® is unlike anything on the market today.

It starts off with two forms of Omega‑3s:

EPAs and DHAs

(That’s eicosapentaenoic acids and docosahexaenoic acid, in case you were wondering what they stand for.)

The American Society for Nutrition found that men and women over 60 who took EPAs and DHAs had “reduced age-related cognitive impairment.

In other words, even though they got older, their minds & memories didn’t slow down!28

And I already showed you studies from scientists in Malaysia, Japan, the Netherlands, and right here in the U.S. at Texas Tech University, published research in prestigious journals like the Global Journal of Health Science…

All showing how Omega‑3s like EPAs and DHAs help with everything from joint health, to fat loss, to immune health.

Of course, you only get those amazing effects when you pair Omega‑3s with their Companion Nutrients. So the next two ingredients in our Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® formula are…

Omega‑7 and Omega‑9

We deliver Omega‑7s through Cis-Palmitoleic Acid. It’s one of the types of Fatty Acids you can get from Macadamia Nut Oil.

And we deliver Omega‑9s through Oleic Acid. That’s another type of Fatty Acid found in Macadamia Nut Oil. Another great source is olive oil.

Scientists from the National Research Council in Italy found that patients who took these Fatty Acids had reduced risk of heart concerns, and when they did have concerns, they were less severe.3

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that supplementing your meals with these Fatty Acids helped patients burn fat even while relaxing.

And it helped patients stay happier and more relaxed, even in stressful situations that would have earlier made them angry or sad.

And don’t forget all the studies I showed you a few minutes ago, that come from around the world to show how combining Omega‑7s and Omega‑9s with Omega‑3s provides a complete solution to problems ranging from joint pain to memory troubles to belly fat.

With these 3 ingredients alone – Omega‑3s, Omega‑7s, and Omega‑9s…

We Had Something Unlike Anything Available Today.

Our formula could actually deliver on the promises that the health industry makes about Omega‑3s.

But, you won’t be surprised to hear me say: I still wasn’t satisfied.
If Zenith Labs® is going to formulate a supplement, it’s going to be the most effective supplement possible. We have a reputation to maintain.
We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people tackle their health concerns, and we’re not about to let them down now.

Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® had to be the pinnacle of Omega Fatty Acid supplements.

And that’s why the next ingredient is…

Krill Oil

For starters, Krill Oil is another great source of Omega‑3s.

But the real value of Krill Oil is something deeper.

Scientists from Norway and Switzerland performed two separate medical studies and discovered: When patients take Krill Oil, their bodies absorb Omega Fatty Acids even better.29, 30

In other words, Krill Oil helps your body get even stronger effects out of Omega‑3, Omega‑7, and Omega‑9!

Krill Oil supercharges the effects of the rest of the formula, so you’ll see reduced joint pain, a sharper memory, and less belly fat even faster!

I worked with my team here at Zenith Labs® to precisely determine the most effective ratios and amounts of these ingredients.

Then we located natural sources of each ingredient to guarantee that we start with the most potent and pure of each ingredient.

Finally, our ingredients are precisely combined and added to easy-to-swallow gel capsules. Our manufacturing facilities follow the strictest regulations for cleanliness and precision.

Each batch of Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® is tested to guarantee purity and potency.

Only after we’re 100% sure that you’re getting exactly what you need, do we ship our product.

I have to say, I’m proud of what we’ve created.

After decades of lies and deception from the Great Fish Oil Scam, we’ve finally created a solution.

Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® delivers Omega 3s that your body absorbs 10x better than Fish Oil…
Not to mention the complete inflammation solution from Omega‑7, Omega‑9…

All so you can finally see the results you deserve:

Your mind is so quick and clear, you can instantly remember names and faces.

Your joints glide smooth as butter, without aches or pains, restoring your freedom to sit, stand, write, or even go hiking!

Your metabolism kicks back into gear, so you can eat heartily like when you were younger, without gaining weight.

Fortifying your strong and healthy heart, until you shock your doctor with your blood pressure and cholesterol results…

Restore younger, more elastic skin, with fewer wrinkles or age spots, so you look 10 years younger, and…

Wake up each morning with “good mood energy” that lasts all day, letting you enjoy your best life, and spread joy to everyone around you.

Just ask Carol from New Mexico, who wrote me to say:

Or ask Walter, from Kentucky, who told me…

As everyone who tries it will tell you…

Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® is unlike any Omega supplement available today.

Obviously, regular Omega‑3 supplements simply won’t work. There are other supplements that offer Krill Oil, but none that offer the precise ratio of Omega‑7 and Omega‑9.

For real results, there’s literally nothing like Zenith Labs®Omega 3·7·9 + Krill®.


Zenith Labs® Is Devoted to Your Health, Not to Maximizing Profits.

That’s what sets Zenith Labs® apart.

We’re not just bottling a single nutrient, tossing it in the mail, and wishing you luck. Our team of doctors, scientists, researchers, nurses, and pharmacists works hard to put together a formula that gives you the best results possible.

Results you actually notice.

So it’s tough to put a price on our supplements like Omega 3·7·9 + Krill®.

When there’s nothing else in the world like it, how do you decide what it’s worth?

Some people have told me that means it’s practically priceless.

And I could believe that. Let’s face it… I’ve showed you how the ingredients inside Omega 3‑7‑9 can set you free from joint, memory, and fat loss worries that overwhelm you.

My patients have told me they’d be willing to spend thousands of dollars for that freedom.

But I’m not asking you to spend that much.

In fact, making money is not my #1 goal here.

You can probably tell how angry I am that 18 million men and women have been swindled by the Great Fish Oil Scam. Because I care about my patients, and I care about the health of this country.

So I’ve set a goal:

I want to spread the word that Omega‑3s really CAN get you results…

…But ONLY WHEN you combine them with their Companion Nutrients.

That’s the word I want to spread, but like we talked about, Fish Oil Omega‑3s are the single most popular natural supplement in the United States.
18 million people take them.
That’s almost 1 in 10 adults that you meet.
If I’m going to spread the word to that many people about my new discoveries and new formula, I’ll have to make a splash.

So here’s my goal:

Spread the word of Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® to 1,000,000 men and women.

It’s a big number, but I figure once I reach 1,000,000 people, the news will be unstoppable at that point.

The word will travel like wildfire that you really can make your memory sharp as a tack, soothe your joint pain, and flatten your belly.

All it takes is throwing out your regular Fish Oil, and letting Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® transform your body.

So I insisted to my team here at Zenith Labs® that we DON’T set the price too high.

It took some fighting, but I convinced them to keep the price low enough that we can reach 1,000,000 people as fast as possible.

Remember: while regular, useless Fish Oil is so popular because it’s dirt-cheap to produce, the effective nutrients inside Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® are premium ingredients with premium costs to produce. We pay top dollar to get the highest quality ingredients.

So when we drop our prices, we’re eating into our own profits.

But again, I insisted that we keep prices low, even if it means Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® isn’t a big moneymaker. That’s just not the point of it.

So take a look below to see the discount I grabbed you.

You’ll save even more if you stock up.

(And remember, this isn’t Fish Oil. You don’t have to worry about it going rancid on you. Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® has a shelf-life of 2 years, so it’s safe to stock up to get the best possible price.)

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Not to mention, we’re so confident that you’ll love Omega 3·7·9 + Krill®, that we’re giving you…

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That’s how confident we are that you’ll love Omega 3·7·9 + Krill®.

And I’m also impressed with you.

The fact that you’ve stuck around to learn about the great Fish Oil Scam and the answer inside Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® tells me that you’re the type of person who cares about your health.

So I’m excited to offer you a free gift – with a retail value of $19…

I’ve spent the last few months researching things you can do at home to supercharge ALL the effects of Omega 3·7·9 + Krill®.

And my research led me to 8 superfoods you can find in any grocery store, that add a helping hand to this supplement’s anti-inflammatory powers.

So when you claim your bottles of Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® today, we’ll also send you the free medical report:

The 8 Inflammation-Soothing Superfoods in Your Local Grocery Store

With these 8 delicious foods, you’ll soothe inflammation in your cells, giving you…

Younger skin

Protection for your aging eye cells, to strenghten your near-distance, far-distance, and low-light vision

Support for your inner ear cells, making it easier to hear the television or conversations, even in a crowded room

Fortified immune system, so you don’t have to worry about catching every cold that comes your way

This Book is the perfect companion to Omega 3·7·9 + Krill®.

You can see why this guide retails for $19.

But I want to say ‘thank you’ for caring enough about your health to stick with me this long, so…

When you claim your bottles of Omega 3·7·9 + Krill®, you get my Book “The 8 Inflammation-Soothing Superfoods in Your Local Grocery Store” absolutely free.

6 Bottles

6-Month Supply



TOTAL: $198.00

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3 Bottles

3-Month Supply



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1 Bottle

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“Before I Let You Go, I Want to Ask You Something Personal.”

You and I have now talked about how frustrated it made us to learn that Fish Oil is a scam. How angry it made us to learn that Omega‑3’s are useless and sometimes even dangerous by themselves.

And we chatted about the worrying news from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center that low Omega‑3 levels in the morning leads to problems all day long.

But we’ve also felt relieved and hopeful to learn that there’s a simple answer – Omega‑3’s Companion Nutrients: Omega‑7 and Omega‑9.

We’ve talked about how my team at Zenith Labs® developed a precise formula to deliver the most potent benefits of Omega‑3s, like a stronger mind and memory, pain-free flexible joints, and effortless fat loss.

Now that you and I have talked about the day-to-day danger of imbalanced Omega‑3s, and the true solution inside our Omega 3·7·9 + Krill®, that brings me to what I want to ask you:

“How much do you value your health?”

More importantly…

“How much does your family value your health?”

I want you to imagine how much more you’ll enjoy life once you no longer have to worry about problems like a slipping memory and aching joints. Or worry about threats to your heart health or your immune system.

Please, really imagine that…

What if all of a sudden, right this moment, your most frustrating health problems were gone?

Would you relax and smile in relief? Would you laugh with excitement? Who’s the first person you would tell?

Maybe your spouse, or your children?

Now I want you to picture how your family will feel when they realize they no longer have to worry about you.

They’ll never again treat you like a child to take care of. They’ll be thrilled to get back the younger, healthier you.

The best part is, think about your future. With your health problems solved, a world of possibilities just reopened for you. Traveling, enjoying your hobbies, or just enjoying time spent with family.

When you’re no longer worried about aching joints, a fading mind, or slipping health… you’ve still got your whole future ahead of you.

Now, I know you’re not there yet.

But that’s exactly the hope and freedom you can feel once you receive your Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® – and turn the tide on your battle with joint pain, memory decline, and belly fat.

Not to mention the other benefits of tackling your inflammation: vision & hearing support, fortifying your immune system, healthier skin, hair, and nails, and so much more.

I won’t promise that this will immediately solve all of your problems. But it’ll be a big step in the right direction… and the first step towards your new healthy life of freedom.

Just like it has been for people like Justin Mercado who wrote in to share:

And Miranda Glaeser who said:

So please, click below to claim your bottles now. I recommend choosing the biggest supply available, for the most savings.

With our 6‑month money‑back guarantee, there’s absolutely no risk to you.

Not to mention, you’re also getting my valuable Book, “8 Inflammation-Soothing Superfoods at Your Local Grocery” as a thank-you gift, absolutely free.

You’re one step away from finally seeing the Omega‑3 results that the medical establishment has been promising for decades.

Now that you know the secret to getting real relief from Omega‑3s, click an option below right now to put that plan into action today.

6 Bottles

6-Month Supply



TOTAL: $198.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

3 Bottles

3-Month Supply



TOTAL: $117.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

1 Bottle

1-Month Supply


TOTAL: $49.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

This is Dr. Ryan Shelton, and I want to thank you for your commitment to your health.

I know that Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® will be the health-transforming solution you’ve been looking for.

Thanks for spending this time with me.

Click an option above, and let’s get started right away.

If you’re still here, that tells me two things:

You understand how much Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® can change your life, and…

You still have a few questions.

It’s perfectly okay to have questions. I’m glad you do, so I can help you feel perfectly comfortable trying out Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® for yourself.

Here are the answers to a few of the most common questions we hear:

How do I know Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® will work for me?

We started this conversation by looking at the medical study from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center that showed that low Omega‑3 levels in the morning led to problems all day. And we’ve looked at dozens of other medical studies, each showing how Omega‑3s combined with their Companion Nutrients help with those problems.

The patients in those studies were men and women over 40. And most of our current customers for Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® are the same. If you fit in that category, I feel confident in saying that these ingredients will also work for you.

But the only way to experience it for yourself is to click an option below to claim yours now. Remember, you’re either 100% satisfied, or we refund you 100%, so you can test Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® for yourself, risk-free.

How many bottles should I order?

I recommend ordering the largest amount so you get the most savings. We’ve set it up so you save 30% over the 1-bottle option.

Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® is NOT fish oil, so it won’t go rancid. It has a 2 year shelf life, so there’s no worries about it expiring. Plus, our No-Questions-Asked, Money‑back Guarantee is valid no matter how many bottles you order, so there’s no risk in stocking up.

Is Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® safe?

I already shared with you all the safety standards that Zenith Labs® sticks to when manufacturing Omega 3·7·9 + Krill®. That’s to make sure that what you see on the label is exactly what’s in the bottle – nothing more, nothing less.

Each of the ingredients is tested for purity and to ensure against toxins and contaminants.

We also focus on using natural ingredients, which your body already knows how to use, and which gently, naturally support your health.

We still recommend that you talk to your doctor before starting any new health program, including taking Omega 3·7·9 + Krill®.

Is Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® a replacement for any sort of medicine?

No. While Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® supports your health in a variety of ways, it does not treat any disease, and does not replace any medicines you might be taking. If your doctor currently has you on any treatment plan, don’t stop that plan unless he tells you.

Use Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® to replace Fish Oil or other Omega‑3 supplements, and to support your whole-body health, but always follow your doctor’s advice on any health issue.

If you’re still wondering whether Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® is right for you, then the best advice I can give you is to try it for yourself.

With our No-Questions-Asked, Money‑Back Guarantee, you have 6 months to see if you like it. If you decide you want your money back, simply contact us for a full refund.

So you can try it out with ZERO RISK.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and only health & freedom to gain.

Click an option below, and I’ll see you on the next page.

Dr. Ryan Shelton, NMD

Medical Director, Zenith Labs®

6 Bottles

6-Month Supply



TOTAL: $198.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

3 Bottles

3-Month Supply



TOTAL: $117.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

1 Bottle

1-Month Supply


TOTAL: $49.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·


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