Why Don’t Omega‑3 Supplements Ever Have Any NOTICEABLE Results!?

How many people do you know who’ve tried Omega‑3s like Fish Oil?

And how many of those people actually felt any different?

Anybody at all?

Or did they take those expensive, fishy-tasting pills, and NEVER see a difference in joint pain, memory health, or belly fat?

We always hear that the Omega‑3s in Fish Oils are a “Supernutrient”…

So why doesn’t anyone actually feel the benefits?

New research reveals the problem…

Omega‑3 Supplements by themselves can’t help.

Because they’re missing a key element that unlocks their power to raise your internal levels of Omega‑3s, and relieve joint aches, memory slips, and belly fat.

Here’s what I mean…

Doctors from Indiana University reported a bombshell discovery…

Omega‑3s get real results only when paired with their “Companion Nutrients.”1

Taking Omega‑3s without their Companion Nutrients is like baking bread without yeast.
It’s impossible to get the results you want with only part of the recipe.

What are these Companion Nutrients that the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says “improve energy balance, body fat, and cognitive function?”2

A precise ratio of two nutrients:

Omega-7 and Omega-9.

Medical studies from all over have discovered…

When you combine Omega‑3 with its Companion Nutrients of Omega-7 and Omega-9, the results are shocking.

Here’s 3 examples:

Belly Fat

Doctors at Texas Tech University found that Omega‑3s boost your metabolism, so you burn fat faster.3

But for most people, boosting your metabolism will burn calories faster, but you’ll feel even more hungry, so you’ll eat more food.

You don’t end up losing weight.

Fortunately, Japanese scientists discovered that the Omega3 Companion Nutrients increase a hormone in your stomach called CCK.4 That’s the hormone that tells your brain you’re full.

So when you use both Omega3s and their Companion Nutrients, then you’ll speed up your fat-burning engine, and feel less hungry.

And THAT’S when you’ll see that belly fat disappear.

Joint Health

The Global Journal of Health Science reported that Omega‑3s helped support a healthy, non-inflamed state in joints. This led to decreased pain for patients, but didn’t do much for flexibility or cartilage repair.5

Scientists in the Netherlands discovered that Omega‑3’s Companion Nutrients actually protected joint cartilage against damage, and repaired previous damage.

That led to almost a complete reduction of pain, along with restored flexibility and mobility.6

It’s only when Omega‑3s are combined with their Companion Nutrients that we see real results.

Brain & Memory Health

Studies show that Omega‑3s support a non-inflamed state in the brain’s blood vessels. This is linked to a lower risk of dementia.7

Which is great, but you’re not just worried about the worst-case-scenario like dementia – you’ve also got day-to-day frustrations, like forgetting why you walked into a room.

That’s where Omega‑3’s Companion Nutrients step in.

Where Omega‑3s fight inflammation, medical studies show that the Companion Nutrients open nerve pathways inside the brain, especially in your brain’s memory center. This increases patients’ memory power.8

So where Omega‑3s by themselves fight inflammation to help you resist serious diseases… their Companion Nutrients open nerve pathways in your memory center to boost and protect your memory.

It’s only when you have both Omega‑3s and their Companion Nutrients that you’re protected from future diseases, and you get immediate memory power boosts.

I’ll be honest with you, I could go on with these examples all day.

I could tell you how…

Omega‑3s help your skin and hair stay hydrated,9 while the Companion Nutrients help them stay flexible and young.10

Or how Omega‑3s support healthy blood pressure,11 while the Companion Nutrients help support overall heart health.12

Or how Omega‑3s help support near- and far-distance vision,13 while the Companion Nutrients support low-light and nighttime vision.14

Or how Omega‑3s support your energy levels,15 while the Companion Nutrients boost levels of GABA, the “joy” brain chemical, combining to give you “good mood energy.”16

What I’m saying is…

All the promises you’ve heard about the amazing benefits of Omega‑3s are true…

If and only if you pair Omega‑3s with their Companion Nutrients, Omega-7 and Omega-9.

Unfortunately, just adding an Omega-7 and Omega-9 supplement to your day won’t help enough. It’s got to be the precise ratio found in natural foods like Macadamia Nut Oil, or Avocado Oil.

But really, most of my patients find it’s just not practical to eat those oils every day. They’re only available in specialty grocery stores, and their high fat content can be bad for you if you eat them too often.

But I knew that people needed this perfect balance of Omega‑3s, Omega-7s, and Omega-9s.

After all, men and women over 40 really do desperately need pain-free joints, sharper minds, and easier fat loss.

And here at Zenith Labs®, we had the resources to formulate a real Omega supplement.

After all, our team of doctors, nurses, scientists, researchers, and pharmacists have developed dozens of health guides and supplements.

These target specific health concerns to help regular folks live happy and healthy no matter their age. So far, we’ve helped over 458,000 men and women.

When we saw the problem of Omega‑3 supplements that never work, we knew we could help.

When we saw the problem of Omega‑3 supplements that never work, we knew we could help.

So here at Zenith Labs®, we formulated an Omega‑3 supplement that actually delivers on the promises…
Because it contains Omega‑3 and its Companion Nutrients, Omega‑7 and Omega‑9.
It’s called…

Omega 3·7·9 + Krill®

(I’ll explain the ‘Krill’ part in a moment.)

It’s the best way to get the benefits of Omega‑3s that the health industry has been promising for years:

Regain joint flexibility in your fingers, back, and knees, so you regain the freedom to get out and travel, or stay in and cross-stitch or tinker in your garage – all pain‑free!
Remember people’s names and faces without ‘deer in the headlight’ moments…
Look in the mirror and see your belly and ‘double chin’ get smaller and smaller each week…

The formula of Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® is unlike anything on the market today.

It starts off with two forms of Omega‑3s:

EPAs and DHAs

The American Society for Nutrition found that men and women over 60 who took EPAs and DHAs had “reduced age-related cognitive impairment.

In other words, even though they got older, their minds & memories didn’t slow down!17

Plus, scientists in Malaysia, Japan, the Netherlands, and right here in the U.S. at Texas Tech University, all published research in prestigious journals like the Global Journal of Health Science…

…All showing how Omega‑3s like EPAs and DHAs help with everything from joint health, to fat loss, to memory health.

Of course, you only get those amazing effects when you pair Omega‑3s with their Companion Nutrients. So the next two ingredients in our Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® formula are…

Omega‑7 and Omega‑9

We deliver Omega‑7s through Cis-Palmitoleic Acid, and Omega‑9s through Oleic Acid.

Scientists from the National Research Council in Italy found that patients who took these Fatty Acids had reduced risk of heart concerns, and when they did have concerns, they were less severe.18

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that supplementing your meals with these Fatty Acids helped patients burn fat even while relaxing.

And it helped patients stay happier and more relaxed, even in stressful situations that would have earlier made them angry or sad.2

We Had Something Unlike Anything Available Today.

Our formula could actually deliver on the promises that the health industry makes about Omega‑3s.

But I still wasn’t satisfied.

If Zenith Labs® is going to formulate a supplement, it’s going to be the most effective supplement possible. We have a reputation to maintain.

Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® had to be the pinnacle of Omega Fatty Acid supplements.

And that’s why the next ingredient is…

Krill Oil

Scientists from Norway and Switzerland discovered:
When patients take Krill Oil, their bodies absorb Omega Fatty Acids even better.19, 20
In other words, Krill Oil helps your body get even stronger effects out of Omega‑3, Omega‑7, and Omega‑9!

Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® Is Unlike Any Supplement on the Market Today.

After decades of empty promises about Omega‑3 supplements…
Zenith Labs®’ Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® is the FIRST supplement to actually deliver the results that you deserve:

Your mind is so quick and clear, you can instantly remember names and faces.

Your joints glide smooth as butter, without aches or pains, restoring your freedom to sit, stand, write, or even go hiking!

Your metabolism kicks back into gear, so you can eat heartily like when you were younger, without gaining weight.

Fortifying your strong and healthy heart, until you shock your doctor with your blood pressure and cholesterol results…

Restore younger, more elastic skin, with fewer wrinkles or age spots, so you look 10 years younger, and…

Wake up each morning with “good mood energy” that lasts all day, letting you enjoy your best life, and spread joy to everyone around you.

So there’s nothing quite like Omega 3·7·9 + Krill®, making it infinitely more valuable than any other Omega supplement.

Even still, I want to keep the price low so as many people as possible can experience its powerful effects.

I’m also sending you this $19 medical report for FREE:

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Younger skin

Protection for your aging eye cells, to strenghten your near-distance, far-distance, and low-light vision

Support for your inner ear cells, making it easier to hear the television or conversations, even in a crowded room

Fortified immune system, so you don’t have to worry about catching every cold that comes your way

This Book is the perfect companion to Omega 3·7·9 + Krill®.

Peggy Dalton from Billings, Montana tried to foods listed inside and wrote me to say…

“Who’d have thought the type of fruit I buy could help my eyesight? I tried just one of the foods in Dr. Ryan’s book, and within a few weeks I was reading magazines without my eye strain. Then my husband got a hold of this book, tried one of the spices it lists, and now he can actually hear me when I yell across the house! We’re stunned how much a simple list of anti-inflammation foods made us feel like a young couple again!”

You can see why this guide retails for $19.

But even after we absorbed the cost of this free bonus…

I was still determined to the keep price of Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® as low as possible, so as everyone can experience its powerful effects.

Take a look below to see how much we’re slashing prices, and how much you can save when you stock up on several months’ supply.

As with every Zenith Labs® supplement, Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® goes through our rigorous manufacturing quality control, so you can rest easy knowing that it’s made from the highest quality ingredients, using the most advanced manufacturing processes.

You also get the Zenith Labs® Guarantee:

Try it for 6 months. If you’re unhappy for any reason, we’ll refund you 100%.

Remember for this one-time offer you’re getting a steep discount. The bigger the supply, the more money you save. So take a look below and choose which option is best for you.

These discounts are a ‘thank you’ for trusting us, so they’re available on this page ONLY. Once you leave, you’ll have to pay full price.

To try Omega 3·7·9 + Krill® now, click below to choose the savings you want.

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